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The GMAT exam..just a warning, this is a rant.

All day long I hear about how prospective MBA students do not want to take the GMAT exam. “I don’t have time in my day to study for this entrance test”. First of all, WHO says that to a school they are interested in attending?!?! Here’s the thing….if you don’t have “time” for this exam, do you really have time then to complete your coursework weekly?!?! Think people, think..bad impression.

Often times prospective students then seek schools that allow them to enter without the exam, many times redirecting them from their top choice. Don’t get me wrong, if your top choice will give you a GMAT waiver or they don’t require a score, good for you! Especially if you have earned additional degrees, such as another Masters or PhD, take that waiver and run! You GO! But if you are applying to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice school BECAUSE of this test, shame on you. Don’t you want that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day?…I do.

Knowing that I am taking this test tomorrow morning, and that I have been studying consistently since May, I find myself more annoyed by those trying to get out of taking it. I mean let’s be honest….the millennial generation has a bad rap. We are known to be a generation who gets what they want, often times pushy and demanding along the way. That’s sad. A true “I want it this way and I want it now” mentality. Cut it out people! But then we also have older generations like X, who simply feel they have earned the out due to employment history. The VP, CEO, Head honcho, I get it…but you too must take this exam unless meeting a school’s GMAT waiver criteria, done and done.

My point is simple, if the exam is part of a requirement and you are not eligible for a waiver..take the darn test, make it happen! Study, work hard, prove that you can pass this test not only for the school but for yourself. I’ve learned so much from this exam already..I put down the calculator (iPhone/Siri) and really went back to the fundamentals of math: algebra, geometry, PEMDAS “please excuse my dear aunt sally”, fractions etc. Some basic principles that I quite honestly didn’t pay attention to in 11th grade. Did I mention that Math has always been a challenge for me? In the 4th grade, I required a tutor because I could not for the life of me grasp multiplication. But here I am taking a test in which 50% is Math based. I also have brushed up on my grammar, punctuation, logic and feel more focused all around.

I am not saying that I’ll get a 700, or even 510 for that matter, but I will give this test my everything tomorrow. And if my everything isn’t strong enough for admissions, I will re-study and take it again if required. Why? because I need to do this, that’s that.

8AM tomorrow=MY GMAT appointment!!! Fingers crossed, mind is fresh, in the zone…game on!



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